Restore Hydration

NEW: Restore Hydration 120ml

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Restore Hydration is an innovative and unique mineral concentrate formula that rapidly corrects the symptoms of cellular dehydration. It contains a blend of over 50 types of organic sea minerals from Australia’s Great Barrier reef, Australian desert salts and Himalayan salts, and Stevia, mixed in a base of liquid chlorophyll.

When the concentrate is combined with an appropriate volume of high quality spring or filtered water, the electrolyte drink is able to bypass any biochemical blocks interfering with the passage of water into your cells.

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well before use. Press on the bulb of the pipette to fill and dispense 1ml. Add 2ml per glass of water (200-250ml). Aim to drink daily 5 - 10 ml of Restore with water (preferably mineral or spring water). Refrigerate after opening the product.

CAUTIONS: Drink no more than 10 ml of Restore liquid per day in the first month of use. Not recommended for children under the age of 5. Store in a cool and dry place under 30°C.